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A simple site to explain how to get connected to our RunUO game.

Running site locally

The website is based off Jekyll, Github Pages, and Just the Docs

We will need the following:

  1. Install Git
  2. Install Jekyll - follow the install guide for your operating system
  3. Clone the repo using
    $ git clone
  4. Change directories to the folder
  5. Install Dependencies
    $ bundle install
  6. Serve local site
    $ bundle exec jekyll server
  7. Browse to http://localhost:4000/

Supported with Markdown

Markdown is a lightweight markup language for creating formatted text using a plain-text editor. John Gruber and Aaron Swartz created Markdown in 2004 as a markup language that is appealing to human readers in its source code form.

A great way to learn it is looking at the Markdown Guide